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Tue, May 18, 2021 2:23 AM

Should You Get StarHub’s JuniorProtect?

Should You Get StarHub’s JuniorProtect?

With the recent spike in Covid-19 cases centering around children, the government has called for all primary, secondary, junior college and Millennia Institute (MI) students to shift Home-Based Learning till May 28th. This means that your child will be spending longer hours on the internet while doing learning and doing their homework on the computer. While we need to protect our kids from Covid-19, we also need to ensure their safety when they surf the web. With StarHub’s JuniorProtect, our web protection for kids, you can easily safeguard your child's digital playground especially now that children are back on home-based learning amid the COVID-19 spike.  

Here are the benefits of JuniorProtect to help you manage your children’s access to the internet. 

Do you want to control your child’s internet usage? 

Are your children spending every last minute using smartphones, tablets, and computers? If yes, you can manage the data usage and screen time of your children with JuniorProtect. This means you can turn their mobile data on/off at any time, so they won’t be able to use their smartphone when they want to. You also have the option to set surfing curfews where they can do online activities particularly now that they are back on Home-Based Learning. With this, they will only be able to surf the web in the set curfew hours you’ll allow them to use the internet.  

Are you concerned about your child’s online safety? 

We can help make your child’s digital playgrounds safe. Through our web protection service, you can block pornography, gore and other unsafe content with easy preset filters. Once subscribed to the service, every time your child accesses the Internet, the website or URL that your child is accessing will be checked for compliance with the access rules that have been set by you via the JuniorProtect Web Portal. 

Do you want personalised protection for your family? 

Want more control and flexibility? Add your own list of websites you wish to block. This means, if you have a specific website/URL to block or unblock, you may add them into the 'Restricted Websites' or 'Allowed Websites' list respectively. Moreover, you can customise a unique setting for each child. 

Want updates on your child’s online web activity?  

Even if your child is not in your sight, you can keep them safe online. You can get reports and alerts on your child’s web activity. However, this will only show blocked sites your child attempts to visit. You can also opt to subscribe to SMS and/or e-mail notification alerts and get notified whenever your child attempts to access any blocked sites. The best part, you can track their location trails. 

There you go! JuniorProtect gives your family affordable and effective web protection, and ease of mind while you juggle with working from home and Home-Based Learning with your child.

Sign-up now via My StarHub App for only $5.35/month with JuniorProtect Plus. Or go with our simplest set of parental controls on JuniorProtect Basic at $2.68/month. 

~ Carla



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