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Thu, Jun 7, 2018 6:00 AM

WD 1TB My Passport Ultra - after subscription termination

Hi All!


My 2-year subscription to Starhub TV has ended; and I have decided not to renew. My question is can I still use my WD 1TB My Passport Ultra as a regular external hard disk for my computer? How do you re-format it so that it can be recognised by the computer as an external drive?


I safely unplugged theWD 1TB My Passport Ultra from the Samsung set top box, and then connected it to my PC. It is not recognised by the computer; cannot even re-format.


Any help will be much appreciated!




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2 years ago

Hi fabianpoon,


I have sent you a PM, but you might have missed it.


Simply contact Western Digital for assistance directly instead. at


Hope this helps. Smiley Happy


- Jackson

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2 years ago

@fabianpoon wrote:
hi, i went into disk management but cannot see the HDD. i only see disk 0 and disk 1 which seems like my computer laptop disk. cant risk to delete my drive accidentally. haha. may i know what does yours read?



There is a way to detect which HDD is disk 0 &or disk 1.

Please refer to my other posts for some details.


When it is in the Computer Management, do click on Device Manager on the left panel.

Next on the right panel do click on Disk Drive to show all available drives.

Then select the WD My Passport drive and right-click select Properties and next Populate.

Refer to picture.




As it will identify the Disk as Disk 1.


Next step.

On the left panel select Disk Management.

Next at the Disk 1 (if it is the WD My Passport HDD and i am using 2TB) click inside to highlight.

Refer to next picture.




Do note that you may not be able to see the pop-up window if blocked or closed.

Although the capacity is not the same due to some space is used & managed by the system.


On the highlight then do right-click to Delete.

Next to follow with Format the drive accordingly.


Hope this helps.




i am not starhub staff.

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7 months ago

There is a simplier way. Just download the WD apps. Connect the HD. Run the apps to format teh disk. There is no need to acess Disk Mngt for settng of new vol.  I had tried the DM method but couldn't get the reformat to work. Gave up at the end.



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7 months ago

Thanks for sharing this method, @Captcool!



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