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Sat, Jan 5, 2013 7:00 AM

Watching Cable Tv in bedroom

Hi, I have a problem here.


I have recently signed up cable tv with StarHub. 

As my parents are working most of the time and seldom watching, I decided to locate the Set-Top Box in my bedroom.


Here's the problem: there isn't any TV point(the one with 2 holes, TV & FM) in my bedroom. Routing the coaxial cable from the living room to my bedroom would be too long and cause signal loss right? 


Will installing another TV point in my room by Starhub solve the problem?

Will the reception be 100% clear in my room? 




Wei Jie


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8 years ago

If you are running the cable from living to bedroom, it can sometimes lead to signal loss.
Best to install a new cable point in your bedroom then.
If you are staying in a HDB or landed property, it would be $ 139.10 inclusive of GST 7%.
If you are staying in a condominium, it would be $ 155.15 inclusive of GST 7%.
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