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Wed, Jul 1, 2015 9:00 AM

StarHub TV


 i need help, i just install another set up box in the other room ,now my father can watch tv in the room,but now i have no wifi connection,either i can watch 2 tv at the same time or watch only one tv and surf my internet( need to unplug tv cable or internet from the cable point)




Simon CHia



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5 years ago

Just get a (TV) Cable splitter and a short Cable line from any computer shops.


The Splitter come with 2-way or 3-way, depend on how the number of connection you need.

The short Cable line is to connect from the Main point (wall) to  Splitter IN.


2-way is for  2 OUT,  3-way is for 3 out, etc.


3-way is for split into 3 out, connect to TV, Modem, Set-Top Box, if you want to run separately for TV and Set-Top box.

Afterall, Set-Top box connect to TV is using HDMI, Audio/Video cable.


Most possible you may have the splitter, common is 2-way.

Just get the 3-way, even if you need is 2-way.  Spare OUT for any future need.

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