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Wed, Feb 19, 2014 4:00 AM

StarHub TV : Technical (Account: 1.13457273) - Urgent

My Samsung SmartTV works perfectly on free to air TV channels. On cable, there is video without audio and minutes later it goes blank and tells me no signal. Please get back ASAP. Was on 1633 for 15 minutes but to no avail.

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8 y ago



Could you try the following steps:


1. Power off the Set Top Box at the main power socket.
2. Disconnect the cables that connect the Set Top Box to the cable point.
3. Straighten them.
4. Bypass any splitter.
5. Re-connect the cables between the Set Top Box and the cable points.
6. Tighten the cables.
7. Power on at the main power socket.
8. Power on the Set Top Box.


If your issue remains unresolved, kindly leave your account details at StarHubCares and we will assist you further.


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