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Mon, May 6, 2013 2:00 AM

Set top box not working

I was watching tv on Starhub when I accidentally spilled some water onto my tv cables and sockets and after some time the tv started to freeze and then blacked out. I immediately tried to clean up all the water and after everything was cleaned my tv (Samsung) appeared to be working. However there was no signal found at all and the screen showed "weak or no signal". There was nothing displayed on the Starhub set top box; the time display was gone and despite turning it on and off several times only the on/off logo would show and then disappear after a few seconds. Between the wait there was "ER41" displayed digitally on the set top box before it shut off by itself. What should I do now?


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8 y ago

ER41 means set top box failed. May be some of the water went in. You will have to replace the set top box, unless you are a electronics specialist to Troubleshoot at component level.

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