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Sun, Oct 18, 2015 1:00 AM

received defective iphone 6S plus

Hi, I would like to check whether I'am able to exchange a new iphone if I only discover the defective iphone on the next day i received.


Thank you.



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6 y ago

Did you open the box at the store.

If found to be defective at the store, Starhub can replaced.


Once out of the shops, you have to go the the manufacturer &or Apple shop, for Apple products.

This applies to all items sold at the shops, if the box is not opened at the shops.




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6 y ago

It's an online purchase and I only discovered the defects the next day morning. Will go to apple center hoping that I can get one to one exchange. *Finger crossed*

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6 y ago

Hi lingx2

Our team had sent you an email regarding the information required for after sales support.

*Fingers crossed* for you too!

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6 y ago


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6 y ago

For you, Starhub should be able to handle with the phone  1 to 1 exchange without any problem.


For me, i may not be able to.

I was also on Online shop, but because of error on the website, my order is done by weborder.

The web store staff upon final confirmation, did indicate i need to check before i sign the document.

That is to say, my signature was by means of recording, as the staff indicated that it was recorded.

Luckily the handset had no problem as the delivery guy just dump the package and asked me to sign, he disappear.

Without openning the box and check the item, as accordingly to the web store staff.




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6 y ago

No Eric, I'm not as lucky as u. I had the same experience with u. The delivery man was like rushing to go off. Asked me to sign all the starhub forms and asked me to open and activate the phone by myself. He deliver to me at 7.30pm and I'm not able to see the defects till the next day morning. I called the delivery man and he asked me to call starhub. I call starhub and they ask me to call apple. I called apple and they asked me to go to their service center which they outsourced to third party. So frustrated.
The service center gave me 3 possibility:-
- Repair my phone
- Exchange refurbished one
- Exchange new one without exchanging new box (that means my phone and the box having different serial number)

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6 y ago

That delivery guy is another bad attitude staff.


Maybe write your details to the link, for assistance.

Don't tell me Starhub had "wash hand" on this case.


Since they already told you the 3 options; then have to get Starhub involved & support.


If you are receiving at 7.30pm Sat, i would say it was the same delivery guy.

My location is around  Commonwealth MRT (Commonwealth Drive) at about 8pm.

A Malay and first question before he come in is "Any dogs".


He also like rushing to go immediately after i sign off.

The order is taken by the web store, staff name Ms Aishah on Friday night.

She did told me to open & check before signature.


I had to sms him about activation, and told me to do myself!

But it was activated after calling the HOTline.


This is getting a bad delivery service.

In the past, the delivery guy that open the box and let me check for physical damaged &or scratches.

For activation, the delivery guy will inform me that activation done by him and service start 1 hr.


Yours is iphone, but mine is cheap Sony Xperia M4 Aqua  $49 and $29.70 4G-300M plan.



If it is the same delivery guy, i could support you on this issue.


btw; there was a case where this Customer was unhappy with the shop staff attitude.






Your decision.



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6 y ago

Thanks Eric for your message. Starhub already washed hand after I have signed the receipt form. I called apple also they said they will leave it to their 3rd party service center. Sorry the 3 options I should replace with 3 possibility. So I wouldn't know what will they do to my phone until they have done it and return to me in 5 working days.
I'm totally fed up.. Nowadays telco company so encourage us for online purchase and only keep the new stock for online sign up but their service is totally screwed up... I won't do the online option again!!!

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6 y ago

Sorry this is a long post, but take note on those highlighted below.

Option to take    new, without box is not a big issue

but  new,  have to include 1 yr warranty, as same as other new item.

I am not sure they would compile to this terms.


Read when you're free.



But there is another new policy, which many may not know.

It is not just the Telco, it affect all customers of all shops & retailer.

This is because of   "Lemon Law" that created another loop-hole.


In the past, when i bought any electrical, such as phones, hard disk, etc.


A couple years ago, the shop that sold the hard disk will not be able to handle 1 to 1 exchange if faulty discovered within 7 days.

This policy was many years ago.

But there are some who use this loop-hole to even exchange HDD bought many weeks ago.

That is the shop will used another invoice (customer copy) to fix the date just within 1 week to have the entitlement of 1 to 1 exchange.


Most probably the supplier &or distrubutor found out about this loop-hole where shop had mis-used.

So, from that time onward, shop are not entitled to 1 to 1 exchange.

But the customer with the invoice dated within the week, send to the service center to do 1 to 1 exchange.


From this incidents, the policy therefore change to not for shop &or retailer to do the exchange.

That is why nowadays, any items for 1 to 1 is for the customer themselves to make the exchange.


Now we do see this has a big effect on customers like us.


For Apple products, Apple have their own way to handle this type of scenario.

That is the Customer &or buyers must go to their service center to do repair &or refurnished, such as yours.

Apple all along their policy is very strict, that is one thing i never like.


I was in charge of warranty of the distributor.

And i deal directly to the manufacturer, and i do able to made the decision on the warranty for items.

I used to go to Sim Lim Sq to make purchase such as hard disk.

Being warranty myself, when the shop explained to me about such policy, that i knew what had happened.



For you case, Starhub will or may not able to assist.

They had recorded (webstore staff indicated) the confirmation that the Terms & Conditions had been told to me.


I do not know whether you can use the "Lemon Law" or not.

Maybe give it a try.

As for the 3 options, "new" is suitable.

This is depend on you.


For me i do not much bother about the state of the item.

This only most important is that it can use as new, and should not have any future problem.


About future problem.

First thing i need to know what is the fault, as i may able to see thru whether it is "You are unlucky".

Or "You are Lucky"


If do you want to know, then read on.


Technical Issue - major fault or minor fault.


I start with my current situation i had gone thru.

About my Samsung S5.

I bought one from Singtel and another from Starhub.

When i installed my favourite game which i bought & pay for it.

When the game run, the whole graphic were distorted very badly, un-playable.

I ask the Game Developer thru email  (Spider) and they reply that it is the screen issue.

Two S5, the one from Singtel is 32GB no problem

The problem S5 is from Starhub 16GB.  These days, this S5 is giving headach, as the screen hang at times.


Went to the Samsung service center.

They knew there was a problem that it need to do upgrade.

At the same time, Game developer re-design to suit to the different type of graphic use.

Then with some game updates and phone update, it resolved and settled.


I was in Technical dept, and Warranty is part of the dept.

The manufacturer regularly send Technical Info for any defect and minor repair.

But if it do not involved in safety, no need to report to LTA.  (My previous was at Borneo Motors - Toyota & Lexus)

The Technical info include which model, batch, country of original plant, parts supplier, etc.

If the car that came for service, and it was listed, then the repair was done without informing the customer.



Another case.

I bought a camera (old type) from Sungei Road, faulty cost $20 and there is another good cond $80.

So i went to this Fuji (i think) service center.

Upon collection, the staff said it is free, no cost.

Being a warranty myself, this mean that that particular camera do have defect.

That is why they knew and replace the nec parts.

In other word, the camera cost $20 is cheaper and better (serviced) than the $80.



For you, so do not get upset over this. 

Who knows when at a later period, someone may claim that the iPhone is no good at this or that.

So either repair, or take the new one without box.

Say NO to the refurnished one.

New one without the box is almost the same as getting repaired, no difference at all, i suspect.


But take note on ALL the items Serial No, IMEI, and any other that can easily identify.

When taking the new without box,

Ask for the   WARRANTY  PERIOD   and Ask them to  WRITE CLEARLY ON THE PAPER (Receipt &or other form, such as repair note.)


This is to safe-guard your current investment.

By right, since they say it is  NEW  than it must be  ONE  YEAR  WARRANTY    same as normal.


And also make sure that  SERIAL NO;  IMEI NO;  MODEL;  and any other details.

All the 3 alphnumeric is required to identify the phone as  both Serial no  +  IMEI no  both are unique worldwide.

Also take note these from your current iphone. Or use camera.

Whos know when somehow your friend may have your repaired iphone.


For the time, i only can provide what is the best  that is     NEW  is really new with 1 yr warranty same as others



Sorry about my english, 



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6 y ago

Hi Eric, thanks again for the sharings. Yup, nowadays the one to one exchange is no longer from customer to the shop. It's always from the end customer to the service center and I do aware of this. The most disappointed part is nowadays eventhough the service center is also outsourced to the third party. When I approach the staff at the service center, she ask me whether did I call apple customer care. When I call apple customer care the staff said they leave it to their service center! I had sent in my phone in Monday and till now still no news no sound...
The defects of my phone is the the paint inside the front screen is peeled off or scratch off. It's so obvious that is inside the screen.
I just don't feel right that exchange the phone without the box. Coz the imei number and serial number printed on it is totally different. Apple should really look into it.
Nowadays the service line is really bad. Fortunately have you around to advise us what to do or deal with it. I really appreciated it. Thank you!

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