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Thu, Feb 20, 2014 11:00 PM

Poor Service - Lies and still they bill me

Hi, don't know if anyone else has experience this, but I'm very frustrated with Starhub. Around about October I started receiving auto messages on my TV that my set top bow was not being supported anymore and I needed to contact them and they would deliver a new one. Well good so far. Contacted them, agreed delivery date and time. They didn't turn up. Said they had the wrong address. Called the contractor back - "not my fault he said. Start the process again". Finally got around to asking them again. "No, we're not delivering - come and get it". So we've done without why we weigh up the options. Strange thing though is I'm still being billed - why. Starhub know they're not giving the service - someone put the message on my TV screen.

What's this called in Singapore - breach of contract?

Frustrated, and talking to Singtel.

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8 y ago

Hi StevenH

Could you drop me a Private Message with your NRIC/FIN? I will check on this for you.

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