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Tue, Sep 13, 2016 1:00 AM

Persistent 'Press-Blue-Button' message on my subscribed channels



Since yesterday, my settop box displays the message onto my subscribed channels, saying the "Press blue button to subscribe" thing. My unsuccessfully attempts to resolve were:

1) Turned off and turned back to leave my box on standby to download whatever upgrade/update

2) Verified that my online Starhub account has no change to my channel subscrptions

3) Verified that the purchase enable option was disabled (few months ago after the unauthorised addition of channel package to my service)


My details are:

1) Fibre TV Set-Top Box GX-SH435EH (Samsung brand on the fibre wire)

2) I can see my subscribed channels. It is just the press-blue message staying on the center of TV regardless of ch-up or ch-down button presses.

3) This month, Starhub is doing the free preview thing on all channels. 

4) The settop box is unable to display the details of any channel (like "No Event" on the guide list)


Can you tell me how I may resolve the persistence of the message dialog?



I overlooked one critical symptom. The settop box's internal clock is always set to Thur 1 Jan, 8:00am, every time I turn it on since the two days ago. It is usually indication of a flat clock battery inside the box.


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4 years ago

Ok, I recommend you just call the hotline for the Starhub customer support instead of posting in this community website. This post went unanswered for few days.


For anyone interested on the call output, I am still resolving it. The two attempts of reseting my settop box to factory setting and forcing-pushing a firmware upgrade to the box did not resolve it. I think it is a hardware fault.


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4 years ago

Hi  @CL2016


You can bring along your Set-up box to these Starhub shops;


StarHub Retail Shops with Customer service matter located at
Marina Bay Link Mall/Plaza Singapura level 1 and basement/Tampines Mall/Nex/VivoCity.


Starhub Customer shops location.



The replacement will be free, if any.




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

Santosh Rai

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4 years ago

Hi @CL2016,



We apologies for the delayed response as we're experiencing higher volume of queries our community site.

As suggested by @eric3743, we too recommend that you bring down your set top box to our retail outlet and have it exchanged.


Thank you


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