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Mon, May 11, 2020 7:00 AM

Order online from StarHub shop but order wrong model

I did an online order and still waiting for delivery of handset to my house. However, I just realised I ordered the wrong handset model. So I am trying to change the handset model and is willing to top up the price difference. That’s seem to be something soooo difficult even though I call in to StarHub to request for it way before the delivery date.


FYI, I called your helpdesk and told them I am willing to go down to StarHub store to settle everything on the spot (I understand it will be difficult once handset is delivered to me) however, i must say I am actually really disappointed when your helpdesk told me they not sure if the shop can help because the system is “fixed” and cannot change. I mean the system is dead but human is alive. I though StarHub should try your best to help their loyal customer instead of telling me they don’t know how to help because it’s a limitation in the system. Pushing the blame to the system, instead of helping to solve the problem, is not logical and unprofessional. 


My order no no is [ Details have been removed ]. Please help to look into it and I look forward to your reply. U can call me as my details will be in your system.




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2 y ago

Hi @Cybercw, we need to refer you to our Customer Care Support team on Facebook or Twitter for further assistance. Apologies, since we can't access your account details here on the Community. Moreover, I have removed the order confirmation number you posted to protect your privavcy. 


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