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Tue, Oct 27, 2020 5:29 AM

Numbershare on Apple Watch issues - help!!

I have been having issues with my Numbershare on my new Apple Watch.
- Initially, I could not enable Mobile Service on the Watch app of my iPhone. Kept getting the message that “Your mobile plan is not compatible with NumberShare” Found out that it was due to my multi-sim service which I cancelled.

- When it still don’t work, I was advised that I had to sign up for another functionality (can’t recall what that was but the cust service rep said it’s free and required for Numbershare to work)

- When I managed to enable mobile service on my Watch App, I thought that was it! Unfortunately, my watch did not have cellular service though.

- I was advised by another cust service rep to unpair and re-pair my watch and phone which I did. This time, I could not enable my mobile service and got back the “your mobile plan is not compatible with Numbershare” message all over again

- Called into Starhub twice and was promised that someone from the technical team will call me. No one did.

- Today tried again to enable Numbershare and got the “oops! You have already subscribed to Numbershare service blah blah “

seriously what is going on guys? And what’s with the poor service and broken assurances of callback??

Apple IPhone XS Max

software 14.01

Apple Watch OS6





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9 m ago

Hi @Luckylark, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please know it's not our intention to make things difficult for you. You may refer here to find out what you need to do based on the error message you received. If the issue persists, please reach out to my colleagues via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below so they can escalate it to the relevant team. Thanks!

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8 m ago

I can totally relate to this, i've called numerous times regarding my Apple Watch 6. Cant even get NumberShare to work with my Iphone 11 Pro, and they cancelled my subscription to get me to try to resubscribe.  I received the notification on SMS that the service was terminated, but lo and behold when i tried to RE APPLY on my Apple Watch having to reset my watch the error message "It seems we are still in the process of fulfilling previous requests on your mobile number. Please check back later."

And when i called the customer service person they said i have to wait 1 hour for the deactivation to be completed and YET its been 3 hours and still no go.  Different jokers telling me different things, but all say they have "escalated" to technical support that till now i have not heard from. 

Such a disappointment being a long time Starhub patron.  


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8 m ago


I has this issue 2 months back when I changed to AW6. After much resubscribing, re-pairing and changing of SIM card and finally work. Recently when I changed iphone, this same issue recur. After 5 days of exchanges via FB Messenger remains unresolved.
I  tried resubscribing this afternoon. Completed the necessary steps pending the final StarHub SMS confirmation, yet to receive this SMS confirmation after 2 hours. 
I understand you’re moderating this forum, looking at the number of forum users with similar issue, Starhub Management & Tech Team really need to sort this out. 

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8 m ago

I started thread to tally number of users facing this issue hoping we can get sufficient critical mass for some actions to be taken instead of getting led around in cycles of sub/resub.


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