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Thu, Jun 27, 2019 6:00 PM

No IP Address Assigned

Was feeling excited over this new cable to fibre switch and a technician came to do the set up yesterday. He was really friendly (keeping fingers crossed at that time) while setting up the new set up box and ONT. It worked fine for the whole evening through the night. This morning, turned on the TV to "check" to see if it really went smoothly. No, it did not!


Apparently, when I checked, there were many cases on "Unable to obtain an IP address". Starhub, what makes your fibre so smart that we are forced to switch and this is the "back end" problem we have to panic over and get frustrated when WE KNOW, even if we called, we are to ON and OFF the box and nothing gets done. 


We have been a subscriber over 10+ years. Originally, with the old set up box's card issue and now the fibre. The service you have provided seemed to be only on the "facade" rather than committing to actual QUALITY. 


Disbelief and huge disappointment!





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a year ago

Hi bloocherry17, we're sorry to hear about this experience. Do PM us with your account details via   to check and assist you better. 

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