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Sat, Oct 5, 2013 7:00 PM

New connection, no connection!

We recently signed up for cable tv in july, and we hardly use it. The only rare times we turned it on, it gave us a connection error message but it worked if we resetted the box. Now, i tried to watch it for the first time in one month, and it gave me the same message ; No connection (Check if the set top box is properly connected to the cable point. If the problem presist please power on and off from the main power supply). But now, nothing I try will work, I even called the technical support and she said i will have to pay 35$ transport fee for someone to come fix this! I would like to try to fix this at home before having to pay for someone to come look at a problem that is obviously not at any fault of mine. So please let me know what else i could do to fix this?



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7 years ago

Can you check if the StarHub TV cable point is connected to the box securely?
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7 years ago

Hi Mikomouse

Would you mind going through the following steps?

1. Power off the Set Top Box at the main power socket.
2. Disconnect the cables that connect the Set Top Box to the cable point.
3. Straighten them.
4. Bypass any splitter.
5. Re-connect the cables between the Set Top Box and the cable points.
6. Tighten the cables.
7. Power on at the main power socket.
8. Power on the Set Top Box.
9. Check if the issue remains or if it has been resolved.

If the above does not work, kindly drop me a Private Message with your NRIC and account number and I will check further.

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