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Mon, Jun 14, 2021 6:14 AM

Internet connection problem on tv+ box

Everytime I find an issue with the tv+ box, I always forget that I have found another one.

But anyways, if the tv+ box is the first to boot while the ONT and the router is still booting, after those two is done, the subscribed channels won't load but mediacorp channels works and rebooting the box is the only way to watch the paid channels.

Very rarely, there will be a error message on the tv+ launcher and the google play store will say there's no internet connection despite being connected via ethernet.

A workaround would be to not fully power on the box and wait for the two to finish starting up, but why do that? I'm sure nothing's wrong with the hardware, just buggy lines of codes.




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4 m ago

Hi @Xillvion, thanks for sharing this feedback. Don't worry, our product team are working to continuously improve the customer experience for our StarHub TV+ Box.  

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