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Thu, Mar 28, 2013 11:00 PM

I just fixed my Hubstation DC162SHB But Missing some Channel 5 and star world Etc

Hi  I justed fixed my  Hubstation  DC162SHB   Connected  all wires   Properly  then the  signal  not found   Timeout message  pops  out  also  missing  few  channels  like Star  world  and  Local  tv stations  like   Okto  other channels  work fine !


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9 y ago

Hi Franklin27,

Are you able to view all your subscribed channels?
Or you are only unable to view STAR World?

As for free-to-air channels, are you referring to only Okto channel that you can view and not able to view the other channels?


If the set up is done properly as per and problem persists, please drop us a message at for our colleagues to further assist you from there.

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