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Sat, Dec 15, 2012 6:00 AM

Hub station has No Network Connection

My Hubstation has this persistent problem of not able to connect to a network.  After switching on the power switch, the first button on the hubstation blinked for at least half and hour and sometimes even longer period.  During this time, I am not able to watch Catch up TV or get connected to the internet. I usually will power it off then power on again several times.  I had my hubstation changed a couple of weeks ago but the problem is still occurring.  Can starhub look into the problem?  It may be due to some external cables.




Howard Toh



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9 y ago

Hi Winston,

If you did not move your HubStation to another cable point or another location, then it sounds like a signal issue
If you have checked and tightened all cable connections and do not have a PLC (Powerline converter) device that provide home networking through your electrical power sockets, please provide us your details at the following page for us to help you :

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