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Thu, Apr 10, 2014 6:00 AM

Home theatre setup


I would like to know how to setup my home theatre using hdmi cable.

I have tried
1. Plug in hdmi out from the set top box to hdmi in on my home theatre in a box(htib)
2. Use another hdmi cable to connect hdmi out on my htib to the hdmi in on my tv

However this does not work

Greatly appreciate any help on the same


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Hi Shyamli

Other than HTIB, do you have other devices to try as a media player? How about other AV source available on your TV?

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It could be that you our home theatre system doesn't pass through the HDMI signal (although this would be strange). What happens if you plug directly from the STB HDMI out to your TV HDMI in and bypass the home theatre?

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