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Mon, Jan 18, 2021 4:44 AM

Fraudulent Charges in Starhub Bill

There were some fraudulent itunes charges being charged in my October 2020 Starhub bill. I called Starhub immediately to enquire on this. They instructed me to deal with Apple directly and they won’t be in a position to help. I called Apple and they mentioned that they have already refunded this amount. I called Starhub again and Starhub required a letter from Apple which was again provided to Starhub. All instructions given by Starhub was followed. Starhub mentioned that they have received the letter and it will take around 60days for the refund to be reflected in my bill.

After realizing that there were not any refunds in my November and December 2020 bill, I called Starhub to enquire on this. Each time when I call StarHub, I have to explain my scenario to them and get a reply saying that they can’t do anything; they will ask the previous executive to give me a call back. I have almost spoken to 6 different customer service executives asking for a call back from December to January. The reason for me to call them each time is because I did not receive any call backs. Each time when I question them about the call back system, they apologize and say that it could have been overlooked.

Last Friday, I called Starhub and was persistent in speaking to a Manager. The Manager spoke to me. He was extremely rude and ill-mannered. He was just waiting on the phone for me start the conversation. After explaining everything, he mentioned that he has checked the system and there are no refunds from Apple, thus I have to go back to Apple. He claims that the refund information given by all his customer service executives are false information and he mentioned “I’m the manager here and now I say there are no refunds. Whatever actions are to be taken on the false information provided, will be dealt internally’. As a manager, he didn’t even have the helping attitude and his intention was to put the phone down asap.

After calling Apple, they mentioned that the case is already more than 60days old and they will not be able to help as it’s against their Apple policy. They asked me to refer Starhub. These are fraudulent charges and Starhub has already deducted the amount from my account. Due to Starhub’s negligence and procrastination, I have lost the ability to liaise with Apple within 60days. Starhub is literally using me as a ball and push things on back to me. I’m extremely affected by your poor service and I require Starhub to immediately investigate this case. These are items which are not purchased by me and I need my money back. 





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8 m ago

Hi @bern1989, we're genuinely sorry to hear about this. Please know it's not our intention to make things difficult for you. It usually doesn't take that long to resolve this kind of issue. I'd be glad to assist you, unfortunately, I don't have access to your account details here to provide you with further updates regarding your refund request. With that being said, may I trouble you to please send a message to our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below so they could escalate your concern? Rest assured, they'll be able to assist you. Thank you. 

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