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Wed, Mar 13, 2019 11:00 PM

Faulty Fiber Set-top box swap

Recontracted two days ago as current contract has ended and switched to Fiber TV not by choice.

'New' set-top box started to have problem last night and can't boot up and require a few times of power on/off. Shortly after showing error code 5014. More or less confirm a lemon set-top box.


Shocker 1:

Went down to Starhub shop, told the front desk rep I need to swap set-top box, gotten a quene number. waited for an hour and finally seated in front of the CSR and was told Starhub shop do not allow swapping of Fiber TV set-top box. A suggestion to Starhub, please brief the front desk on this constraint. Imagine if I visted the shop during weekend!!


Shocker 2:

CSR call tech line which I believe it will be the phone line that we call. Was told by the tech line CSR I need to book appointment for technician to come onsite for investigation. Earliest for me will be next day. This will be the process for any set-top box issue going forward and technician need to come onsite.

For cable TV box, I can just pop by Starhub shop and do the swap myself. Seems to be an expensive change for Starhub IMHO, just don't transfer the additional cost to consumer. 


Meanwhile Fiber TV is down for us just two days after switcing.....       



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2 years ago

Hi, please PM us your subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number >> HERE << we’ll arrange for assistance. Thank you.

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2 years ago



Were any reasons given why a tech need to do a site visit for a faulty STB? It does not seem logical for me and a terrible waste of manpower. And it's also shocking that such a change is procedure is not communicated to FibreTV subscribers. 


As D-Day to end of Cable looms nearer, I find more compelling reason to validate my decision to cut the cord. 

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