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Thu, Dec 19, 2013 9:00 PM

Complaints - Starhub TV Hubstation & Starhub Frontdesk Services

I went down to Starhub shop at Tampines Mall on 30th Nov 2013 which is during the Sitex Promo.

I recontracted by fibre broadband, upgrade my Freetv with the free Hubstation to paid Starhub subscription as well as switch my M1 line to Starhub.

Gosh.. A staff served me from 3.30pm till 7.30pm (4hours - longest ever?!)


The staff doesn't seem to know their promotions/products that I have "teach" him that Qiang Dang Yu Le Combo Pack is not a additional pack is a combo pack that is having discount for 3months.

As well as the brochure has clearly stated that for NFC phone, the NFC card is FOC. But the staff asked me to purchase a normal SIM card. I re-read the brochure carefully, and then informed the staff to read the brochure that NFC sim card is FOC for NFC phone. It's free for the NFC SIM card and why do I need to pay for the normal SIM (Ridiciously right?). Obviously, I demanded for the free NFC SIM card though he already setup with the normal SIM card. It's his fault of not knowing the promotion and wasted my 4hrs there.


Gosh.. Your staff doesn't know their products that we need to read ourselves and inform them then they went to check with their supervisor. Hence, takes 4hours to settle my signup??


Then, the staff told me that I need to return the Hubstation for the FreeTV that was given to me with Free rental fee within 3 weeks. I returned on 14th Dec 2013. And I just received the Bill clearly stated that 


HD Interactive Set-top Box Rental - 1 unit(s) :           $6.00

Hubstation Rental - 1 unit(s) (100% Disc:24Mth) :     Free


I just upgrade from FreeTV to paid combo pack. Thus, clearly stated that I should be getting the Hubstation box for free for 24 months.


Please kindly look into this and I would like to get back my free Hubstation box with Free rental fee for 24months. Thanks.



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8 y ago

Hi Cherlyn83

Could you drop me a Private Message with your NRIC/FIN? I will check on this for you.

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