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Thu, Apr 29, 2021 6:36 AM

Alternative way to reload the tv+ box interface

There is no need to force stop the tv+ app. Pressing the home button on the remote control will reload the interface as well but wait for the router to fully start first.

But if it doesn't, then releasing and renewing the ipv6 address (if enabled, using the linksys or nokia (unsure about this) app) is required for it to work. You can turn it off in the tv+ box settings, but it can make things a bit slower.

Since im using linksys, inside the app, tap the icon on the top left > Network Administration > Router IP Details > Release and renew ipv6 address.

This also will fix issues where all channels says unknown and the black screen after the Android OS is booted.





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5 m ago

Hi @Xillvion, thanks for sharing this information here in the Community to help out our customers facing this issue. 

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