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Thu, Apr 27, 2017 11:00 PM

lousy service

I am a customer for 8years. My line was cut for first time. And it become the final stage. I was working . Cant access to starthub hotline as it final termination . So i have to give up my job and go home. Make a call but start hub officer alexier say he cannot help ,today call starthub again,edwin officer was talking to me but i explained i can paid ,but i carrying a baby.and there will be people contacting me . Asked them help to reconnect back so i can move out of house.due to no wifi i cant leave house to make payment. I only have cash with. So starthub is like this treat me after 8years with them?


Josephine C



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4 years ago

Hi Met, I've replied to your post here: - Josephine

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