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Wed, Mar 24, 2021 8:00 AM

Kudos to Mara from the Plaza Singapura StarHub Shop

It has been a while since visiting a StarHub shop. From past experience, the wait long so generally avoid going unless absolutely necessary. Needed to relook existing StarHub services. For starters, had a set top box that was not used.


Have been with StarHub since Singapore Cable Vision (SCV) days. As such, home has been wired up with SCV points. However, this was deprecated. The Opennet point is setup in the hall, this means that the set top box would need to be in the hall also. However the only TV is in the bedroom. Given that watching TV is very rare these days (the last time was National Day Parade via YouTube) never bothered to move the TV to the hall. This was why the set top box was not used.

This meant a trip to the StarHub shop to return the set top box. Arrived 1025 hrs and there was already a queue. Braced myself for a long wait. It was about a 30 minutes wait. Ok, personally at fault here since did not make an e-appointment. Needed to clear leave on a whim and decided to take the day off to handle errands. Was warmly greeted by Mara who patiently listened to my many questions. In the end she advised subscribing to an Android TV box, which allows viewing of programs via a computer, mobile or the device. All in it took about an hour for the entire visit to the Plaza Singapura shop.

In that time, was able to observe these long suffering Customer Service staff at work. It is a tough job. Reasons:

  1. Crowd management - Some customers argue or refuse to follow social distancing instructions.
  2. Varying technical abilities of customer - This is not meant to be a criticism, just an observation. Some customers are less tech savvy and require repeated explanations and instructions e.g. logging in, accessing service etc. Yet these long suffering Customer Service staff patiently handle them as best as they can.
  3. Questions - To be fair, StarHub services and packages may require some explanation since they are different components. Perhaps a cost calculator can be built online to enable cost comparison e.g. existing subscription versus the next package? This may help reduce the number of questions.
  4. Unreasonable customers - There is an old axiom "the customer is always right". Really? Often it seems to be a difference in perspective. Yet when some customers do not get what they want, the situation turns nasty. Consider this, Customer Service staff are employees, in turn, they cannot give away the shop and must comply with guidelines and policies. It is pointless for customers to vent their frustration on these long suffering souls.
  5. Missed queue numbers - Some customers take a queue number and then wander off. There are some who missed the queue number and insist on being attended to. To be fair to the Customer Service staff, they do make repeated calls for queue numbers and move on to the next one if no response is received.
  6. Masks - Mask wearing adds to the difficulty of communication. It can be hard to hear with masks on and this may lead to misunderstanding and even drag out the time required to service.

It takes a special breed to be a Customer Service staff. Kudos to Mara and all like her. This is to provide a word of encouragement to these long suffering souls. Press on and keep up the good work.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke





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6 m ago

Hi @Paladin, thank you so much for your kind words to Mara. We continuously try to ensure speedy service for our customers and it’s always rewarding to hear kind words. You are the type of customer we look forward to assisting and helping every day and make our jobs enjoyable. 😉

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