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Fri, Mar 24, 2017 4:00 AM

Compliments for Ms. Khoo Siew Ching (Westgate) on 24 March 2017

As my Dad is not well versed in technology, I accompanied my Dad for recontracting of his mobile plan and we were attended by Ms. Khoo Siew Cheng at Westgate, counter 09. 


Ms. Khoo shared with us that my dad is eligible for a home bundle promotion which is more cost-saving than the current package. She explained details to my Dad with much friendliness and patience. She even conversed in dialet to make him understand better. She addressed all his queries and even gave him suggestions on how to manage both his Starhub and Singtel accounts. 


Kudos to Ms. Khoo for her unlimited patience! I hope to see more of such qualities in every staff. Smiley Happy


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Josephine C



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4 years ago

Hello JY_Yee,


thank you for taking the time to pen down this compliment, we're glad to hear of your great experience at Westgate and is delighted to see that Siew Cheng has managed to resolve your dad's issues and impressed you with her service delivery Smiley Happy Can we trouble you to send us your dad's account details via PM, so that we can share your compliment with Siew Cheng and her managers accordingly.


Thank you! - Josephine

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