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Sat, Mar 4, 2017 7:00 AM

Compliment to Degak from technical assistant department

I have been experiencing bad internet disruption after upgrading from 200mpbs to 1gpbs. It should be giving me a better internet experience since i am paying more. I tried calling up the technical department for the whole day. ALL of them asked me to restart the router etc or call back later after monitoring the timing for the intermittent network. Only Degak informed us that he would get the network department personal to call us back, but to our surprised, he himself called us back and offered some guidance on troubleshooting the problem. It did not solved the problem completely. However, we really appreciated his gesture and help on getting a tech to come down on Monday to check. Starhub really need to work on getting better quality CSO like DEGAK to improve on their quality service. He deserved to be rewarded with the biggest compliment. Thank you Degak! I hope STARHUB will soon solved my issue. 



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4 years ago

Hi @beaniebelle, thank you for taking the time to pen down this compliment for Degak. We're very glad to hear that our colleague was able to assist you. Rest assured that we will share this with the relevant team. Do PM me your details as well. Have a great week ahead! Smiley Happy – Sofia


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