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Sat, Apr 8, 2017 7:00 PM

Brandon Beyond Excellence Service!

Hi Starhub.Yesterday i received call from your customer service Brandon and we both having conversation regarding my issues on Starhub Tv Set-Top Recording Box (faulty)and my PAYR Billing activation on Starhub DT2 Service.Brandon is really Helpful,good Listener during my conversation plus very Professional skill to solve my Issues.Gosh...this Brandon even take effort to check and call for me at Starhub Shop regarding the set-top Box available status to make sure to ease for the collection at my nearest Home and Brandon make Booking appiontment for the Technician to Installthe Set-top box and the recording Device for the available slot date tthis coming Monday during my Off Day.A Big Thank-You to you Brandon and perhaps Starhub will be very Proud to have Brandon to its Organization.Keep-it up Brandon for the Excellence service,Good Listener and very Helpful Customer Service Officer to your Starhub Platinum Customer.Regards Jajaka Idaman Man


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