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Fri, Sep 13, 2013 1:00 AM

BIG KUDOS to Mr Kelvin Teo

I would like to personally thank Mr Kelvin Teo, Sales Manager, who is an impressive guy with excellent customer service.


I had previously almost lost all hope in getting help from the Starhub support team.

My fibre internet was always being dropped and eventually it wouldn't connect for days/weeks at all.

The support team basically just 'passed the ball' (me being the ball of course) between them and OpenNet again and again, getting me to call both OpenNet and Starhub without getting any solution whatsoever. This gave me a huge frustration and a lot of time wasted. In total, this dragged on with me left without a reliable connection for about 1.5 mths sometime between Apr-May 2013.


After hearing my situation, Mr Kelvin Teo personally took up my case and followed-up closely till every single issue I had raised was resolved. And he even considered that when I was traveling overseas often, he would wait till I came back to follow-up with me.


In order to keep me from sitting there for weeks without internet, he quickly offered to switch me back to cable temporarily. I gladly took up the offer as the connection outage was affecting my work and everything as well.


He personally liased with OpenNet, got them to come investigate and fix the issue which I think was because of some wiring coming loose. After this, the connection was fixed and it was finally restored within another less than 2 weeks. Kelvin called me up every couple of days to make sure that the connection was working fine on my side, not simply assuming his technical team's report out. Which I think made all the difference. If I don't get the connection, it just means the issue was not fixed.


After this, Kelvin had also continued helping me resolve the billing issues which came up also due to the above reasons which was probably not under his area of responsibility but he took this matter up simply as part of his customer servitude. He had also helped me fight with the finance team to ensure I got a "fair compensation" for the outage and frustration received from the technical perspective. He again called me to ensure that I had indeed received this "fair compensation" before he closed of the case entirely. In total, Kelvin had spent another about 2 mths (Jul-Aug) to close off all remaining issues he was helping me with. This was due mainly to sometimes waiting for me to return from my trip to follow-up with me. 


I'm extremely impressed by Kelvin's commitment to his work and equally grateful for his conscientious and personal way of handling my case. His service has made me rethink switching to another operator due to my bad experience as I think customer service is all that matters, not just the technical service offering.




Yours sincerely,

Edric Ting & Pamela Tang



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8 y ago

Hi exception

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Could you drop me a PM with your details so that I can log this compliment for Kelvin?

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