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Wed, Nov 20, 2019 6:00 PM

Words of Honour & Very Bad Service Provider

I am with Starhub Telco for many many years. In the past i can say the service provided is good. I am very happy and i have engaged a few accounts with Starhub. Until there was a period whereby i am in a really bad shape of my life that i had no choice but to terminate most of the accounts i am holding. Despite of this i am still hanging on to 1 mobile account and TV plus Broadband account. Last year november 2018 i decided to terminate my TV account with Starhub due to no more good shows were being provided but keep repeating the shows. On 1 Sunday in Nov 2018 i brought my set up box to Starhub Shop at Plaza Singapura, already confirming to close my account with Starhub. When my turn had reach, the staff attended to me and ask me a couple of questions as to why i am discontinuing my contract with them. I told her the reason and she actually proposed to me a package promotion which is first 9months i only need to pay ard $20+. On the 10th month i will pay the actual amount. I am telling the staff when the programme keep repeating isnt it is a waste of money to watch repeated shows? After that she asked me to hold on while she refered me to her sales colleague. Upon knowing the reason i am terminating my account he told me that i can actually remove the paid channels which i can save at least $20+. So i asked him to explain to me in details. Upon his presentation of his proposal, by removing the paid channels and with the promotion package, i did asked him a couple of times so in the end, HOW MUCH I AM PAYING PER MONTH starting on the 10th month. He told me $74+ and i am saving $20+ compare to my old bill. And finally i supported Starhub again with this proposal and i signed the service agreement. BUT nevertheless, 10th month first actual bill received and i was shocked to see the amount is $120+! Is it rediculous that this is a very big mistake that starhub had done? I called in and asked the customer care consultant what is really happening and why is my bill so much different frm what the sales guy had confirmed with me? This is the first time with Starhub for so many years this is a big mistake done from Starhub side. The customer care consultant say they will need to investigate and will get the sales guy to call me back and scheduled time and date is given. But after 48hours nobody from Starhub called me or update me. After 48hours i called in again and complain what is happening? Why no updates or call back at all? The problem is where is the call back and where is the updates for customers who is waiting patiently? Is this what Starhub CUSTOMER CARE CONSULTANT ARE? I am waiting and again for the next few call in i am making noise to the consultant. All scheduled call back are not happening at all! I looked like a fool!  1 week passed and theres this Manager from Recovery Team contacted me and apologised to what i am going through. Ok fine since finally someone contacted me and i want my rights to be given back to me. He proposed to me Starhub will be giving me a lump sum of $200 to offset my bills but pending frm Finance Department. I told him ok once he got approval from Finance Department and will call me back the next day. This was a sudden surprise to me i told him ok. But after hang up i realise that i had a couple of question to clarify before he proceed. So i waited for his call back to me. I called in to Customer care consultant and requested them to relay to the manager of the recovery team to call me back as i had a few question to clarify wih him. But again no call back but received a message saying the the $200 lump sum waiver request is approved. I am not expecting any compensation from Starhub as i only want my rights and what is being relay to me from the sales guy! Is it just to ask a few simple questions is so difficult for Starhub personel to call me back and answered the questions? A few days later the manager from recovery team called me and explained to me that my case is a bit tough for him to settle as the sales guy refused to call me back to clarify and best part, as a branch Manager of the outlet is not responsible to answer for the staff. My first thought is, is it because the sales guy calculated wrongly due to dont know what reason, just entertain me a figure just to hit the sales target for the month or is this a plot that Starhub is using this way to make customer pay more without realising how much the customer is paying per month? I am really doubting the bills i am paying did i over paid for the past 10 years plus? 3 weeks i am going though just a bill i need to clarify and to settle! But this is not the end. I called in again to request the manager of the recovery team to call me back as i have my last question to clarify. But again 48hours of scheduled call back never happen again until i make noise again then i received a call back again. I told the manager that i want to know so how much i need to pay per month actually? $200 lump sum is only temporary which only last a couple of months. So where is my rights again? After the $200 i need to pay more than what is being interpreted to me! Is this fair? So where is the rights for Starhub customer? My case is being highlighted as high profile at Starhub side so if this is he case why still empty promise is being made to me and agitating me more and more? The manager immediately called in to Starhub plaza sing to verify and i told Starhub side that the amount i need to pay is $74+ not exceeding $75! After the manager verified he told me the amount is i need to pay per month is $75! Now for those who read can see what is this all about? After that i demand a company letter written to me black and white to me stating i will only pay $75 per month including GST. The manager told me no problem and i should be getting the letter in a week. Week 45 promised me until now is week 47. I received nothing but only the bill stating the $200 lump sum waiver and i do not need to pay for the bill. So where is the letter i requested and also i requested the Manager to call me back. Till now almost 2 weeks. Last few nights i called in and managed to speak to 1 of the Customer care consultant manager and what the manager told me is after they exculate my case out to the various department my case is close at their end. Can i ask Starhub is this the case? The manager told me whatever i want to do can go ahead as they canmot stop me from doing anyting to Starhub! Ok ! Question time!

1) is this how Starhub Telco work or operate?

2) is this the attitude of Starhub staffs are?

3) words from Starhub does it honours?

4) Empty promises made ?

5) Mis interpretation to customer be it from sales or customer service side?

6) as a customer service department, how does starhub attends to customer needs?

7) what is the role of a customer service officer?

8) is starhub staffs avoiding mistakes they made?

9) the term customer care consultant, as a manager status is this the treatment made to customers?

10) starhub declare changes made! What changed is made? To improve or to detoriate?

 1 last request, can the VP or CEO reply to the questions i made and can explain to me what is it all about? 

What i want is customer rights and what is being interpreted must be adhere despite the service agreement is signed. As everyone knows, what customer always asked is per month how much we need to pay? 

Based on my incident i sincerely request VP or CEO of Starhub read the encounter i had with your staffs and i will be awaiting for your call in the next few days on this. Thank you.

Just to add on. Questions i made might help Starhub to improve on the service level if Starhub is mentioning changes from bad to good. As a service provider, words of honour and good service provided should be adhere. And as all calls goes to call center, ‘Customer Care Consultant’ should know what is the case about and what is the status before answering to customer. As i was surprised to hear that customer service department is not getting the first hand information. Thank you very much and i would expect a call back from VP or CEO. My details are in your system. Please read through and listen to the recordings so you can explain to me and answer to my questions.


Howard Toh



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10 months ago

Hi @Adrian Tay 


Sorry that you've had an unhappy experience. I am aware that you have also written in to us via our social media account and your case is already being handled. 

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