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Mon, Dec 28, 2020 1:33 PM

Vijay TV Family

I have contract with Starr hub for two years  to watching

  • English Entertainment Pass
  • Indian Entertainment Pass

I received a message from Start hub that " <Notification> StarHub: Dear customer, a gentle reminder that with effect from 31 Jan 2021, Star Vijay, StarPlus, Star Bharat and STAR Gold will no longer be available on StarHub TV. However, you can continue to enjoy your favourite shows from Star Vijay, StarPlus & Star Bharat on the Hotstar app when you switch to the new Indian+, from as low as $15/month.

However i went to the star hub shop and requested the more details , they said need to upgrade the TV package and need to pay extra money to Star hub if you watch same channels as pervious .  

i do not understand why i need to pay extra to StarHub and what is the purpose of previous contract for Two years . 

why can not keep to same contract  and provide a service as per previous. 

Please explain and assist to customers on this matters  





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2 months ago

Hi @Nava_ranjan1979, warmest welcome to GreenR Community! Unfortunately, we have to make hard choices and update our line-up from time to time. As such, Star Bharat, StarPlus, STAR Gold, Star Vijay and Star Cricket channels will be discontinued on 31 January 2021


However, you may access content from Star Vijay, StarPlus and Star Bharat on the Hotstar app, which is available at no extra cost when you recontract to Indian+ from $15/month. 

~ Carla



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