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Thu, Feb 18, 2016 6:00 AM

Pork Knuckles - Eating Well with Madam Wong (Singapore) Ep 1





Eating Well with Madam Wong (Singapore) couldn't have premiered at a better time at StarHub's E City on 2/2/16.


In the first episode, host Gigi Wong (黄淑仪) and guest host, Zhu Mimi (朱咪咪) showed us the way to your CNY visitors' stomachs... and hearts. They came up with a dish called Fortune Pork Knuckles (发财猪脚), which seems relatively easy to prepare. Just watching Zhu Mimi poured more vinegar into the dish is enough to whip up my appetite.


Here are the ingredients you need for Fortune Pork Knuckles (发财猪脚)




Ingredients in Chinese:


Ep 1 - Fortune Pork Knuckles copy.jpg

Source: Eating Well with Madam Wong Singapore Ep 1. 



Eating Well with Madam Wong premiered on 2/2/16 and is now airing on StarHub's E City, Ch 825, every Tuesday at 8pm. 



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