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Mon, Mar 1, 2021 10:43 AM

Free to air channels


I have just replaced the old fiber StarHub TV with the new TV+ box this afternoon. Connected ONT via RJ45 to the Linksys EA8100 router and to the TV+ box. I can watch the subscribed channels, Disney+ and Netflix through the TV+ box. But for the free to air channel, i can't seem to able to watch any of them. Rebooted the TV+ box, router, ONT, many many times. When i go to the guide, i can scroll down to, e.g. channel 103, and when i pressed on it, it says i need to subscribe to the necessary plan. But I'm already on StarHub broadband and on EA8100 router. 

What else do I need to do to watch the free to air channels? 





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8 m ago

In this case, we need to check your account details if your StarHub TV+ Pass is provisioned with Free-To-Air channels. However, I don't have access to your account details here, may I trouble you to please send a message to our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below? Thanks. 

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4 m ago

We also have the same problem.we have 2Gbps. The Port one from ONT is 1Gbps and Port 3 is 1Gbps. They act as separate lines. One goes to the Living Room and another to the bed room. But only one is receiving Free to Air channels. Port 3 with same approved router cannot receive free to air if connected to Port 3.That is only one Port is configured!!! Technically some settings are missing.

Pls help.

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