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Tue, Jul 6, 2021 4:23 PM

Free to Air channels not working in Port 3


We have 2Gbps subscription for a week and a half. We have Linksys EA8100 and Nokia Beacon 1. We struggled with not getting Free to Air ,i.e Local Channels like Channel 5 and CNA. We managed to get on one TV in the living room but not in the bed room. Finally after checking, and switching the TVplus boxes and routers etc we have confirmed that only Port 1 of ONT(Modem) connected to the approved router like Linksys EA8100 can show free to air. HOWEVER if the connection with the same configuration, I.e with Router EA 8100 in exactly the same way, connected to Port 3 of ONT , cannot show Free to Air channels. 

Can Starhub please resolve this.?.



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1 m ago

We have 2 GBps for work office, Internet  Broadband and TV+ with a new package sign up a week ago. We could receive free to air from the TV in the bed room but not in the Living room.

We are using recommended Linksys EA8100 and NokiaBeacon1. We checked all the connections and finally "switched" the lines, routers etc to exactly the same as the "good" link...changed from from Port 1 to Port 3. However now, the Free to Air channels can only be seen in the Living room connected to Port 1 and not Port 3.

We checked and confirmed that Port 3 cannot receive Free to Air but Port 1 can!!!!

Please help.





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1 m ago

Hi @user_afa164, please be informed that the StarHub TV+ Box can only be connected to Port 1 of the ONT. If you happen to have more than one set-top box, you will need to connect your STB to a data point connected to the router on Port 1. 

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