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Sat, Sep 29, 2018 7:00 PM

Feedback on CH422 CuriosityStream

As much as I am enjoying the wide range of quality documentaries showing on CuriosityStream, I have a few feedback which I hope Starhub can pass on to its channel partner to improve the viewing experience for your Starhub TV customers.


#1 Inaccurate schedule. This is the #1 cardinal sin for any content provider. It is vitally important to get the schedule right so that your viewers can correctly tune in to the programs they want to watch. Unfortunately, on a number of occasions, the program listed on the channel schedule differs from what was broadcast.


eg. 27 Sep 7-8pm was scheduled to show 'Asia's Favourite Animals: Red Panda - World's Cutest Animal'. But another show 'Age of the Big Cats' was shown instead. 28 Sep 9-10 am was scheduled to show 'The Great America Fly' but again 'Age of the Big Cats' was shown instead.


#2 In-program Ads and Promo. I understand that ads and promo shown during the program is the 'bread and butter' of a content provider. However, the timing of these ads and promo should not be too disruptive or abrupt to mar the viewing experience. On a few occasions, these are shown while the on-screen presenter was speaking mid-sentence. Or insert in the middle of a scene. 


Most shows have a logical break for showing ads and such so it was inconceivable to me why those were not used instead of arbitrarily and abruptly breaks at an inappropriate time of the program. 


I hope Starhub can highlight the above to CuriosityStream so that they can improve on their service delivery. 


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