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Fri, Jun 18, 2021 3:23 PM

Disney+ Free 2 Months - Good Initiative, Horrible Execution

I got an email notification in March this year that I have successfully activated my free Disney+ subscription for 2 months, with no information on how to access the service (I did not activate this, but still received this notification). I called 1633 on 27 March 10:04 pm, and a lady, who did not seem to even know what she's doing herself, guided me through (what seems to be) an incorrect process of asking me to use my Apple ID to sign up and pay for the Disney+ subscription directly through the Disney+ App. I challenged this decision but she still insisted it is correct. I proceeded to sign up and used my 'free' subscription for 1 month. On 14th April bill, as expected, I was charged the full amount for the Disney+ subscription on my Starhub bill via Apple App Store.

On 21st April 9:30 PM, I called 1633 again to dispute and request a refund, and Rahul picked up our call. Rahul told me to call Apple directly to request a refund, which I thought was incredibly unreasonable. I requested to escalate, which he obliged. Rahul called me back at 10:20 pm the same day and said someone will call me back in the next few days. The next day, I received a single missed call at 6pm, which I tried calling back at 6:01pm, to no response. After this, no one ever got back to me to follow up on this issue. This ridiculous process was a serious waste my time and I thought forget it, I will just pay the month's subscription. On the 21st April call with Rahul, I clarified with Rahul on how to unsubscribe, and he assured me that once the 'free' period ends, I will not be charged anymore. The Starhub app itself also doesn't even allow me to unsubscribe to Disney+, as it is greyed out.

Just this month in June, I received my latest bill, and it shows me YET another Disney+ charge, when I clearly did not sign up for it, and was assured that the subscription will not renew. Even now, I cannot even unsubscribe on the app (unsubscribe button is greyed out) and it says my Disney+ contract ends on 16th of Sep.

Can Starhub please help to sort this out once and for all.




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4 m ago

Hi @user_8300c8, I'm sorry to hear about this. We'd recommend that you contact our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below as we need to refer to your account details first to further assist you. Apologies for the inconvenience since we don't have access to your account details here. Please know that your concern is not taken lightly. We appreciate that you have been patient on this matter.  Rest assured that my colleagues will do the necessary to resolve this. 

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