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Tue, Aug 16, 2016 6:00 AM

Charged for video on demand when i didnt purchasing any.

Hi i wish to point out that on my latest starhub tv bill there is a video on demand charge of $10 for something which i am positive that i did not purchase. Firstly, this is some malay/indonesia movie and i am a chinese user so it makes no sense that i would even purchase it. Next, i checked the purchased content library on the set-top box and it shows ZERO, I have not purchased anything whatsoever. Would you do a check on this frivolous charge and get back to me before i bring it up to your billing department. Thank you. 


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Santosh Rai

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5 years ago

Hey @Kelvin_Lo,


Our apologies for the delayed response.


We're here to help. Simply PM me your account details and we will get this sorted out.




@eric3743, FYI  Ng Wei Hao has left StarHub, hence can direct PM's to me Smiley Happy Thanks 

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5 years ago

No help or replies from mods or community managers? Why bother maintaining a community forum when a subscriber of your services cant even get help in a prompt manner. Guess i have no choice by to go direct to your billing department, which is another pain the rear entirely. Thanks but no thanks SH!


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5 years ago

Hi  @Kelvin_Lo


Please do submit your request and include subscriber detail, and reference to this thread and any others details, if available, to  

PM  Ng Wei Hao  or  Santosh Rai  to assist and look into your case on this matter.


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.


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3 years ago

Hi Santosh Rai or any respondsible CS Staff, (similar case and waiting starhub action)

Wrong starhub bill.jpgissue-purchased history.PNG

I got similar unknown billing charge from starub for last 2 month for IPTV which I not purchased (not sure in any past bill got such unknown charge!!).  All these charge occurring after 1 AM for few hours.  All the movie in the list not from my language (Malayalam).  When I showed the abnormal bill list to my Indian colleague in office, they confirmed all movies are from their language (Tamil). 

   Here few things is abnormal to us: 

  • We are non-Tamil Indian and do not speak or understand Tamil language.
  • The movie showing in the list watching many times (charging multiple times)
  • All the viewing time is after 1 am to 5 AM. During this time we all sleeping!!
  • My kids are in Secondary 1 and P1 and we already educated about the remote and strictly ordered not to purchase any program or TV.
  • We not used any VOD function so far
  • My set-box VOD purchased History showing empty
  • When reported starhub 1633 (customer care) they escalated the case to Technical team and within 2 days confirm “No issue from starhub… and not able to waive-off the IPTV charge”

Hope this issue may be due to some starhub backend system issue related to billing. 

If this issue not settled ASAP, I forced to stop using starhub.  I was using starhub last 15 years and this is first time I getting very irresponsible support!!!

FYI- I just attaching the Unknown charge in my last 2 month bill and Set-box Purchased history.




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3 years ago

Hi @ sureshkpp


We agree that bill shock is not ok. Please send me your NRIC/FIN number, account details, contact number and e-mail via Private Message for verification and I'll be in touch to check on this. 


- Amy

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2 years ago

Likewise, the same happened to me. I am wrongfully charged for a VOD content. CSOs' email and tele-conversation replies immediately deem that one of the occupants in my house had made a VOD purchase at 3.16am for an Indonesian horror film. All occupants do not understand the language, nor are they awake at that wee hour. I'm horrified to realise how untactful these CSOs are in their replies, and they seem to quote off a "Standard-Reply-Guide". It is also absurd to inform me that "Starhub will do a one time waiver of the VOD purchase", as it implies that the house occupants did make the purchase.




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a year ago

I experienced the same thing with a charge for a VOD item which neither my family nor I watched. Similar as some other users mentioned, the purchase was made late in the night at 3:22am.


I emailed in to with some very unhelpful responses insisting that I purchased this accidentally despite my explanation that we are more than often asleep at that hour. I also suggested to look at some logs of my activity during that period but that seem to fall on deaf ears.


Please help salvage your poor customer service.


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