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Fri, Oct 18, 2013 9:00 PM

Cable TV set-up box

If I sign up for the current promotion of HomeClub200 fibre, for the cable TV, I believe there is a set-up box required.


Do I need to pay extra for this box or the $68.80 in the HomeClub200 is already included?


If it is not, may I know how much I have to pay for the mimimum type of set-up box?


If I want to link to another TV, I guess I have to get another set-up box, what will be the charges for the 2nd set-up box?



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7 years ago

Hi swtichhub

The amount is not included in $68.80.

For HD Interactive Set-top Box, it is $6.42. For HD HubStation, it is $14.98.

If you have additional boxes, there will be an additional screen content fee of $8.56 per box on top of the rental.
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