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Howard Toh



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Tue, May 16, 2017 8:00 PM

StarHub Community User Data Migration Exercise

Dear Community Members,


StarHub Community has undergone a user data migration on 19 May 2017 and these are some things you'll need to know about the impact of the migration:


Passwords were not migrated

As we need to protect your data during the migration, your current password were not migrated over to the new platform. This affects all members. Please click here to set a new password.


Logging in now requires the username instead of email or Facebook Login

If you have difficulties remembering your username, your password reset email will contain your username. 


Some usernames were changed during migration

As part of the migration process, some usernames were changed for compatibility reasons. If you are affected, you can change your username after resetting your password and are logged in successfully. 


We regret the inconvenience caused as we move on to a more enhanced authentication platform. If you would like to report an issue or share a feedback regarding this migration, please reply on this thread. Thank you!


Best regards,
Howard Toh
StarHub Community Administrator

Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub :)

For account related matter, please seek help from our Customer Service team via Facebook Messenger

For urgent matters regarding the safety of our members or the security of the platform, please email us at 

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3 years ago

I too couldn't find my username in the email until I realised your username is under "Hi XXX," in the first line (the XXX is your username).

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