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GreenR Community FAQ

Getting Started 


Q. What is GreenR Community? 

GreenR Community is a place where we talk about StarHub’s products, services and the things we are passionate about.   

Q. Do I need to register as a member in order to post/view articles and discussions?  

You don't have to register as a member if you are just browsing but you will have to register for an account if you would like to join in the discussion. This is for other members to identify and tag you in the conversations. 


Q. Do you need to ask a question?  

Let’s try to utilize the Search button before you ask a question. Enter a search term in the search box located on the top of the page. As you start typing out your question you will see suggestions of related questions. Can't find what you're looking for? Click on “Post Question” to ask the Community. 


Q. How do I post in the Community?  

To post a question, article, idea or discussion, you may simply follow these steps below. 

  • Click the “Post Question” button in the right corner of your screen.     


  • Determine what are you posting: is it a question, article, idea or discussion?
  • Fill out the information needed.  
  •  Please ensure that you choose the correct “Category and Topic” before you post your question, article, idea or discussion. Thereafter, you may hit the “Post” button.  


Q. Can I edit or delete my posts?  

Yes you can. To edit a post, hover over the three-dotted button beside the timestamp of your post then click “Edit”. To delete a post, click “Delete.” Moreover, our community moderators may edit your post if necessary and will leave a note as to why they’ve edited the post. 


Q. How do I reply on a post? 

Once you find a post you want to respond; you can write a reply at the bottom of the post.  

You can also respond on comments, by filling out the space below the comment you want to reply. 

Q. Who can answer a question? 

Anyone in the GreenR Community can answer questions posted here. So, if you know the answer to a question, support our online community by answering it! If the asker thinks the answer solved the question, then your response will be highlighted and marked as “Accepted Solution”. 

Q. What is "Mark as Accepted Solution" button? 

Hit the "Mark as Accepted Solution" button if you think a solution works for you, so that everyone can learn from it.  

Q. How can I follow/unfollow to get email notifications on different kinds of posts? 

On the post you want to follow, click the “Follow” button at the bottom of the post. Please ensure that you agree to receive notifications from GreenR Community. 


Q. Why should I "like" a post/reply?  

Community members, non-StarHub staff and StarHub staff alike, take the time out of their busy schedule to share their experience and knowledge with us. Show your appreciation and acknowledge their response by liking their replies. 

Q. Where can I report offensive comments and posts? 

On the offensive comment or post, hover over the three-dotted button beside your username then click “Flag as inappropriate.” 



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