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Hubbernauts - StarHub's Superusers

Hubbernauts - StarHub's Superusers

Join the Hubbernauts Family today!  


Who are Hubbernauts 

Hubbernauts are StarHub customers who love the brand, share great ideas with StarHub and help the Community by sharing their knowledge on technology and StarHub’s products and service with peers.  


How do I be a Hubbernaut 

Submit your details here to show your interest and get started by being active in the community - write about something you’re passionate about, comment or answer a query posted by a fellow customer, or send us constructive feedback. 

Once you start making good posts and engaging more frequently with us, we’ll invite you to be a Hubbernaut and you’ll get to enjoy these perks:  

  •  Money-can't-buy experiences
  • Invitation to events organized by StarHub and Greenr Community
  • Be the first to try StarHub products and services 


Meet other Hubbernauts! 

If meeting people is your thing (both online and offline), you’re in the right place!  
Other than staying connected online, we organize meet-ups with our Hubbernauts where everyone can connect with like-minded peers, learn from one another or just chill!  




Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub.

For account related matter, please seek help from our Customer Service team via Facebook Messenger.

Have a good idea? Tell us at our Ideas Exchange!

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