Go Digital: Making a Sustainable Impact Today


Climate change is an ongoing global challenge that results in widespread disruptions to nature and livelihoods of people around the world. From a business standpoint, climate change has the potential to alter everything from supply chains to profitability.  

Singapore seeks to tackle climate change with the Singapore Green Plan 2030, a nation-wide movement that aims to transform the country into a sustainable city. The Green Plan sets out to achieve an energy reset through use of cleaner energy sources and greener infrastructure and buildings. Additionally, there will be exponential increases to carbon taxes in the next few years. 

Businesses are now accelerating their decarbonisation and sustainability efforts by adopting end-to-end digitalisation with green technologies. In doing so, they can achieve energy efficiency and green productivity, aligning their strategies with the Green Plan and at the same time avoid incurring high taxes. 

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StarHub 5G IoT

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5G for Business

5G is set to positively impact a broad swathe of industries, potentially putting early adopters far ahead of their competitors. 

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