Cloud Infinity

Guided by StarHub's DARE+ principles in becoming a full-on digital life and services provider, we partner with leading cloud providers and telco technology partners to bring forth Cloud Infinity, a low-latency multi-cloud infrastructure primed for exponential business growth.

DARE+ is our north-star in transforming StarHub into a cloud company that embraces the power of cloud, cyber and cloud connectivity. We are leveraging our expertise to empower our customers with the power of cloud connectivity as a single platform to offer high speed and low latency management applications to everyone. Our system will accelerate value creation and deliver endless infinity play services first in Singapore, then beyond. We are transforming from a telco into a system eco player that provides a digital experience. This will enable you to engage in a super-app digital platform offering users a wider variety of digital services. In essence, we are going to simplify your daily activities and businesses by ensuring you benefit from our cloud computing services.


Cloud Infinity is focused on implementing cloud-enabled business and technology solutions for you. Our cloud network transformation programme, "Cloud Infinity", will improve customer experience while streamlining business processes and empowering customers to realise their digital transformation journey. The cloud offers businesses greater flexibility and agility on demand without the need to bear large investments during the initial project start-up. Cloud infinity responds to innovative growth while embracing network simplicity.

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