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Beauty Ambassador
Posts: 263
Registered: ‎04-06-2013

Ep 7: Jacelyn Tay's secrets to staying fair

Ep 7 Lady First Jacelyn Tay.jpg


Jacelyn eats white fungus and birds' nest. She subscribes to the TCM theory that you should eat foods in colors that you desire, for instance, eating white-colored food if you want to be fair. I'm quite sure white rice and white bread don't count though! LOL


She also doesn't drink coffee and has had only 2 cups of coffee her entire life.


After eating darker-colored foods, she "counters" that by consuming lemons. (@_@)


Jacelyn also emphasized the importance of getting sufficient sleep.


Jacelyn's homemade all-natural exfoliating scrub: Barley powder + lily powder (?) + green bean powder + bai zhi fen [No idea what this is]


Jacelyn's exfoliating scrub.jpg

It makes knees instantly fairer!


She also has a spray for use on fingertips, which I think helps in blood circulation or lymphatic drainage or something along those lines. Apparently, a good circulatory system helps discharge dark pigments from the body. 


So much trouble just to look like Snow White. You up for it? Smiley Wink



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