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Respected Advocate
Respected Advocate
Posts: 132
Registered: ‎29-12-2012

Starhub Simplifies Pay TV Packages With New Basic Tier Group From 1 September 2013 !

[ Edited ]
StarHub Simplifies Pay TV Packages


Enhanced Basic Tier to simplify proposition from September

No change for customers with Basic Upsize or active pay TV contracts before September


Singapore, 12 July 2013 – With an offering of over 200 channels, StarHub will be streamlining its pay TV packages to simplify its proposition for customers with effect from 1 September 2013. This will be done by merging the Basic Groups and Basic Upsize groups to form the newly enhanced Basic Tier. Accordingly, Basic Tier will become the entry-level group for price plan subscriptions and will adopt the same pricing structure as the current Basic Groups with Basic Upsize.


“With our constant efforts in enhancing our content line-up, the majority of our customers have opted to add the Basic Upsize to their Basic Groups. Hence, instead of drawing a distinction between our Basic and Basic Upsize groups, we decided to consolidate the two groups to simplify our proposition for customers,” said Ms Lin Shu Fen, Head of Home Solutions, StarHub.


Since the Basic Upsize groups were introduced in 2008, more than 25 channels have been added to the Basic Groups and Basic Upsize groups. In addition, StarHub TV customers get to enjoy both the multiscreen service TV Anywhere and the second screen app StarHub TV Buddy at no additional cost.


“Based on the feedback we have received, customers can also find it rather daunting to have to choose from 200 channels in one sitting. Hence, the addition of Basic Tier to our mainstay price plan is one of the ways which we are repackaging our content for ease of reference. Besides this price plan, we have also launched a new range of HD Packs (at $26.75 per month w/GST) and Combo Packs (from $43.65 per month w/GST) for customers to choose from. These TV Packs are tailored to different tastes and comprise channels curated by us.


For example, Hollywood fans can opt for the Supreme Box Office Combo Pack for the best movies and entertainment content instead of mulling over the extensive price plan.” Ms Lin added.


The current sign-up process starts with a customer choosing from the seven Basic Groups, then deciding on the Basic Upsize option, followed by the Basic HD Upsize option, before finally selecting from more than 40 add-on options.


The introduction of the new Basic Tier reduces the sign-up process to three steps: customers only need to decide on the Basic Tier, whether to opt for the HD Upsize, and choosing the add-on options.

Ms Lin elaborated, “We are aware that a minority of our customers will experience an adjustment in their subscription plan as a result of this exercise. Customers can rest assured that we have prepared alternative options to help them manage this transition and that we will be in touch with them.”


All StarHub TV customers will be migrated to the enhanced Basic Tier on 1 September 2013. Customers subscribing to Basic Upsize groups will have the respective groups renamed to Basic Tier. Customers with active StarHub TV contracts signed and services installed before 25 August 2013 will not experience any changes for the duration of their contracts. Customers who encounter changes in their subscription plans will be offered options via direct communications.


Letters will be sent to all StarHub TV customers informing them of the exercise. Customers may also visit for more information.


Respected Advocate
Respected Advocate
Posts: 132
Registered: ‎29-12-2012

Re: Starhub Simplifies Pay TV Packages With New Basic Tier Group From 1 September 2013 !

[ Edited ]

Dear Person In Charge ,


This will be done by merging the Basic Groups and Basic Upsize groups to form the newly enhanced Basic Tier Group . 


So this newly enhanced Basic Tier Group altogether got what Channels ? Please kindly check & reply ! Thanks !

Alumni (Retired)
Posts: 8,768
Registered: ‎12-09-2012

Re: Starhub Simplifies Pay TV Packages With New Basic Tier Group From 1 September 2013 !

Hi d

The Basic Tier Group consist of the channels from Basic Group and Basic Plus Group.

For example, Entertainment Basic Tier Group will have all the channels from Entertainment Basic Group and all the channels from Basic Plus Group.

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Senior Advisor
Posts: 58
Registered: ‎04-06-2013

Re: Starhub Simplifies Pay TV Packages With New Basic Tier Group From 1 September 2013 !

I'm not affected by this but its fascinating the spin Starhub put on things whenever they implement change to screw it customer over.


When it first introduce Basic Plus, it touts it as a choice for consumer to choose channels they want to subscribe to.


Now that its been merged, they say its to simplify the package. Who created the 'mess' in the first place that now requires things to be 'simplfy'


Starhub is the master of paying lips service. They called their service officer 'customer care consulant' but I rarely comes across any that truly cares. They put you on hold forever and says 'your call is important'. All Starhub cares about how to squeeze their customers for more and more revenue.


Ironically customer's request keep falling on deaf ears. Its time SCV re-examine the 'buffet' concept of TV subscription to an ala carte one. This 'simplification' exercise is nothing more than one designed to maximise revenue from its customers.