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Samsung Galaxy S4??

Gizmodo reported that Samsung will announce S4 on 14/03. 


When will Starhub carry this? Any idea what the specifications will be like? 


Looks like the unveiling will be at New York!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4??

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4??

The official specs have been released. Not really a big jump from S3 LTE, difference are FHD screen, better camera, better processor. However, it is a must have upgrade for phones before S3.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4??

Good article from Financial Time,


Look forward to trying out the device!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4??

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I did a short write-up on the specs and features based on the introductory video by Samsung Mobile. I think this time round, the specs upgrade are great but what really impressed me are 2 new features: Air Gestures and Dual Camera/Dual Recording. Both are not in common usage yet, but I will not be surprised if they became the norm in future smartphones.


You can check out my (p)review here: The New Samsung Galaxy S4 Arrives

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4??

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Great work!

S4 will be available towards the end of April! :smileyhappy:

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